When a client arrives for a consultation, the Bowen therapist, Colleen Anderson, takes a client’s history, discusses any presenting conditions or concerns, examines postures, and performs muscle tests (if relevant), prior to the client lying on a treatment table.                                                                                              Bowen7

The client may remain fully clothed, preferably in light, loose-fitting attire or remove some items of clothing for increased comfort and/or for when specific muscles are being addressed. Clients may also be treated in an upright position if necessary and also in wheelchairs.


Colleen  applies a specifically located series of gentle movements across the body. The actual series of moves depends upon the particular presenting problem/s and a number of other factors might also be considered, such as the patient’s age, physical condition and lifestyle.

There are “waits” of at least two minutes between many of the Bowen procedures that allow the body time to respond and begin to heal itself.

Bowen Therapy can be an effective treatment for a  huge range of conditions including:

  • ·muscle and joint pain and stiffness
  • fluid retention
  • ·baby colic, irritable babies        Bowen8
  • fertility problems
  • ·vertigo
  • low immunity
  • ·chronic fatigue syndrome
  • stress, anxiety, depression,  post-natal depression
  • ·menopausal symptoms
  • restless leg syndrome
  • ·constipation/diarrhea, other bowel problems
  • ·migraines, headaches
  • menstruation problems
  • ·lymphatic blockage
  • incontinence
  • ·bed-wetting/ toilet training
  • indigestion and other digestive issues
  • ·glandular fever
  • asthma, hayfever, chest congestion
  • ·chest  and diaphragm pain
  • circulation problems, including chilblains
  • ·Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow
  • grief, loss, confidence problems
  • ·carpal tunnel syndrome
  • ·nausea
  • thrush
  • ·allergies
  • kidney and bladder problems
  • ·sciatica
  • stress and nervous tension
  • · foot problems, eg., bunions, hammer toes, Plantar Fasciitis