Asthma Relief

I first visited Colleen Anderson for Bowen Therapy in January 2014 because I had been sick on and off for many years with severe asthma, and was, more recently, suffering from almost constant colds. Being treated with steroids and antibiotics on a regular basis seemed to have weakened my immune system. Normal daily tasks had become a struggle because I felt exhausted and breathless so often. I was at my wit’s end!

I am very grateful to my friend who suggested I see Colleen for Bowen treatments for my asthma and immune system. With Colleen’s help I was slowly able to decrease the drugs and get my health back. I am now drug free, energetic, fit and healthy. I now run half marathons! I have also been able to lose the extra weight and fluid I had gained from long periods of inactivity and so much medication.

I now visit Colleen for a Bowen treatment every couple of months as part of my general health maintenance. I definitely believe in the healing benefits of Bowen Therapy!

Caroline, Geelong.  28th October, 2016


Chest Infections

Colleen Anderson treated our eldest son  with Bowen Therapy when he was four because he had been getting regular colds and chest infections for most of his little life. We were worried about all the antibiotics he had been on. I was amazed at his first appointment when he just lay down and let Colleen do the whole treatment.  Over the next 12 months or so we noticed him gradually becoming sick less often and less severely, and usually not requiring antibiotics. Now, 2 years later, he is one healthy little boy!

Our son also suffered from separation anxiety when I would drop him off at kinder. Before he started school this year Colleen treated him for anxiety. The result was that I had a 6 year old happy to go off to school from the start. He even said, “You can go now Mum.” They were words I just never thought I would hear! I can’t thank Colleen enough or recommend Bowen Therapy enough!

Maree, North Geelong.   August, 2016



Bed Wetting Resolved

My son came out of day time nappies at the age of two and a half with minimal effort, but continued to need nappies at night. During the next 5 years we tried many methods to get him to be dry throughout the night but he continued to wet the bed 3 to 4 times a week.

My husband and I have been using Bowen Therapy successfully for many years for various physical and emotional health issues, and after a conversation my husband had with Colleen, we decided to see if Bowen could help our son. We are so pleased we did, because, right from the very first Bowen session we saw a huge improvement. Over the next 6 weeks of weekly treatments, my son only wet the bed 3 times!

Since finishing the treatments 4 weeks ago, he has been dry every night. We are all so grateful to Colleen for helping us and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone considering Bowen treatment.

Philippa, Geelong.  July, 2015


Migraine and Headache Relief

I started suffering from headaches and migraines 5 years ago in Year 12. I saw different doctors, a naturopath, then finally I saw a neurologist who did some tests and a brain scan. The conclusion seemed to be that my condition was incurable but could be managed with ongoing medication, plus an extra medication when I felt a migraine strike . I wasn’t happy about all that medication especially being so young. I found that the medications weren’t working as well after a couple of years, especially with more migraines occurring whilst tired and  stressed from combining university studies with part time work.

Last year, Colleen Anderson, who is a Bowen Therapist, was recommended to me. I was so worried about where all this pain and sickness and medication was taking me!! Colleen took the time to really listen to me which was refreshing! I didn’t notice much change after the first two of her sessions. However, the third time she did just a few movements up around  my neck area and coccyx bone and things started changing for me that very day.  I don’t really know exactly what she did,  but I was soon migraine free.

I do still get occasional mild headaches. Also, I felt the signs of a migraine coming on recently so I went straight back to Colleen for a single session, and I feel great again. My life is so much better these days. I can even have a social life! I love writing this testimonial because I am just so relieved, and so appreciative of what Colleen did for me.

Carmel, Geelong.  March, 2015



I can’t thank Colleen enough. I took my nearly 4 year old son to Bowen Therapy after exhausting all avenues, including doctors, a paediatritian, and other therapies.

My son had chronic constipation for 3 years and I was sick of being told he would “grow out of it” and given medication. Every time he needed to perform a bowel movement he would find a place to hide and scream from the painful struggle.  This caused him to be frightened to go to the  toilet and I was unable to toilet train him.

After the first visit to Colleen we started seeing results instantly. After only 2 weeks and 3 visits, the constipation was cured, not just treated.

I now have a happy little boy who runs to the toilet with excitement! Just amazing results in such a short time frame. My only regret is not meeting her sooner.

Karen, Lovely Banks.  21 June, 2015


Foot and Heel Pain 

My name if Michelle and I suffered with chronic foot/heel pain for over two years.  I had tried everything from doctors’ advice, to podiatry, to foot injections, to visiting a surgeon who wanted to burn nerves off my heels! No way!!

Finally my mom suggested I try Bowen Therapy . After only a few sessions with Colleen my feet had improved immensely!! Colleen is so fantastic at what she does and she is so kind. I am officially cured of all foot pain and I owe it all to Colleen. My life is saved!! Thank you for giving me my life back Colleen.

Michelle, Belmont.  18th June, 2015


Autism Assistance

I am the mother of a 7 year old autistic boy and I had exhausted all “traditional” and medical avenues, in the search for help for my son.  He had massive behavioural problems, could only speak a very limited number of words (perhaps 10 or 15) and has never slept a full night through.  I came to see Colleen for myself because I was feeling run down and also had a sore back and in her efforts to help me,  she has changed both of our lives. 

In just 4 quick sessions, she has calmed him down, reduced his anxiety and he is such a happy and contented little boy now.  He is now using words and sentences that I didn’t even know he could.  He is sleeping in his own bed all night through and showing so much love and affection, that I never knew could be possible.  I honestly feel like I have struck gold in finding Colleen.  She is an amazing woman who has changed my life.  I can’t thank her enough.

Andie, Geelong    31st October, 2014


Stroke Recovery:

I am 59 years old . I was working as a boiler maker until 22 months ago when I suffered a severe stroke which greatly affected the right side of my body. Up until then I had always been a heavy smoker. It turned out that I had heart disease. I needed an operation immediately to clear the arteries in both legs . The surgeons also tried , but not as successfully, to clear an artery in the right side of my neck.

I have had a lot of rehabilitation since then, and I walk and do specific exercises each day. I had always made very slow, but reasonably steady, improvement.

But I started seeing Colleen Anderson for Bowen Therapy about 4 months ago and noticed a big improvement right from the first treatment, particularly to my speech, clear thinking and also to the degree of feeling and movement I had all the way down my right side. My headaches quickly disappeared, as did my neck pain. My ongoing back pain since the stroke has decreased a lot, but flares up sometimes.

I would definitely recommend stroke victims visit  Colleen Anderson because, although I still have a way to go, my quality of life has improved so much since I started seeing her for Bowen Therapy. It’s  amazing!

T.M.,  Belmont, Geelong     18 June,2014


  Sciatic Pain:

This testimonial is to state the work of Colleen Anderson at Belmont Remedial Clinic, 92 Roslyn  Road, Belmont for the treatment I have received for a troubling nerve in my hip and leg.

After only a couple of treatments from Colleen, the  pain had subsided considerably. Another treatment had my hip and leg completely pain free and I was able to recommence my regular walking routine. I have had no further issues for over a year with the sciatic nerve.

Colleen is very passionate about practising Bowen Therapy. I can completely and honestly recommend her.

Helen Latta, Belmont, Geelong.      24 August, 2013



I first visited Colleen because I was dealing with a lot of stress due to grieving an unexpected death in the family. Not only was Colleen very understanding but she helped me with my vertigo, fatigue and general malaise.

Week by week I gained my energy back and body aches and dizziness dissipated. What impressed me most about Colleen and her Bowen Therapy was Colleen’s intuition , she would pick up what was happening in my body and could explain why particular aches and pains were occurring.I would highly recommend Colleen’s treatments to anybody.                                                                                                                                                Carolyn, Geelong.    Sept 1st, 2013.


Nasal Drip:

My nose always ran a lot for years , even though I didn’t have a cold. During the last year or so it was getting noticeably worse, especially lying in bed. My doctor called the condition “Nasal Drip” and put me on a nasal spray that didn’t work, then some tablets that didn’t help either. It was really starting to embarrass me big time when I was out with friends.

I’m so glad my uncle talked me into visiting Colleen Anderson who helped his back a few years ago. I saw her 4 times altogether and each week I got better and better. I now have absolutely no “Nasal Drip” going on whatsoever. For the first few weeks after the treatments I kept feeling scared that it was going to come back again because it seemed too good to be true that a few touches here and there on my head and body could really fix me.

At the same time, Colleen Anderson worked on my posture and gave me some tips on maintaining good posture. Strangely, my left foot doesn’t hurt any more now when I go for a long walk or walk on the beach. I just thought I was stuck with that nuisance foot!

I’m more than happy to write this testimonial because I’m just so grateful for the wonderful help and care I have received!

Jessica, Belmont, Geelong
June 28, 2013


Hip Problems:

My friend said Bowen Therapy was really good so I went to see Colleen in Geelong because my left hip cracked all the time and was locking up more and more often. Twisting my leg around to unlock it hurt really badly. I had done gymnastics for years when I was younger and was up to 16 hours a week practice when I stopped. I think that was what originally caused the damage to my hip. The doctor sent me to a physio but after a couple of months of treatments there was no real improvement. I tried some other therapies after that but still didn’t get much relief.

Anyway, I noticed a huge improvement after two Bowen Therapy treatments, and after the third one my hip no longer cracked or locked up. I couldn’t believe it! I thought, at 19 years old, I might have  been in trouble for life!

That was a little over a year ago. I went back to Colleen a few weeks ago because my hip had started to hurt a bit again. One treatment and it was better again. I know where to go if I have any more health problems!

Betty A,  Waurn Ponds, Geelong    May 15, 2013


Nervous Twitch Relieved:    Testimonial Gerard H

Recently I visited Colleen for Bowen Therapy as I’d been experiencing a strong, ongoing nervous twitch in the left side of my face, which started due to stress in Year 12 while completing VCE, two years prior to seeing Colleen.

After two sessions at her Belmont clinic it has completely cleared and now, 6 months on, it has still not returned. It’s been well worth 4 hour return  trips from Sorrento to Queenscliff on the ferry and then on to Belmont, Geelong for the improvement to my confidence and quality of life.

Gerard H, Sorrento.


Sleep problems alleviated:

“I visited Colleen because, for almost a year, I’d been having trouble getting  good quality sleep. It was affecting my Uni studies as I couldn’t always concentrate . Colleen treated me three times at her clinic and I’ve had no problems since.  Her treatments have also  helped my sinuses clear: a condition diagnosed by Colleen during a treatment that  I didn’t even know I was being treated for!  Bowen therapy is amazing!

Carmel Jonas, Geelong.


Glandular Fever.

At the beginning of 2010 I was diagnosed with Glandular fever, just as I was commencing year 12. I had the actual glandular virus for 3 months of the school year, up until March-April. However, after the virus had gone, my immune system was in very bad shape. I was constantly sick, unable to concentrate on study or at school and had to take antibiotics about every 4 weeks due to recurring infections. However, nothing seemed to make any significant difference and I remained very unwell. Towards the end of the year when my stress levels peaked, my illness worsened significantly. Naps everyday became a necessity and even then I could not properly concentrate.

I started receiving Bowen Therapy from Colleen Anderson, to help me during my exam period. During this time, my infections cleared up almost completely (without antibiotics), my energy and concentration levels increased significantly, and my immune system was strengthened. Glands in my neck, which had been swollen the entire year, finally went back to their normal size, and my stress levels decreased. I can honestly credit my ATAR score of 92 to  Colleen and her Bowen Therapy treatment;  I know that without receiving it I would not have had the strength to sit through my exams. Since receiving Bowen Therapy, I have maintained a constant level of health, and have not had to take antibiotics since. Bowen Therapy for me was a miracle”

              Kate F. Geelong


   Hamstring Pain:

Having suffered from niggling pain in my left hamstring after physical activity for the last 8 months, I heard about Bowen therapy because Colleen Anderson has helped my sister with her digestive issues.

After two treatments I am now playing tennis and going for brisk walks without any pain or   restricted movement.

Denise M, Mornington Peninsula,  Vic

 Neck & Back Pain Relieved:

Neck and back pain were seriously interfering with my passions of mountain bike riding and kayaking.  I had  suffered to varying degrees with the pain for approximately forty years!  After three sessions of Bowen Therapy with Colleen, I was able to return largely pain-free to both activities. I have continued to enjoy both activities for the past 16 months without any limitations. Thanks so much Colleen for returning the joy of participating  once more in these, my sports passions”

Gary Robinson, Anglesea, Vic.    Oct, 2010

Stress Relief

I initially sought assistance from Colleen over a year ago as I had been suffering ongoing chronic neck and shoulder pain, exacerbated by stress and anxiety, plus repetitive strain at work. I  was amazed that after many months of neck and shoulder problems accompanied by consistently disturbed sleep, that the pain and stiffness were gone after a few visits. I’m a safer driver now too due to much greater neck movement!
The treatments have also helped me feel generally calmer and happier.
I now visit Colleen occasionally for stress relief when my job gets overbearing. I look forward to the visits!
Thanks Colleen for the positive changes to my overall health and well-being.
Adele G,  Newcomb, Geelong.  Feb,2011

Chronic Fatigue Relieved:

“Being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue 8 years ago, it has been a long road for me. Not only did it affect my energy levels, it affected my studies, my work and my relationships.

After going from specialist to specialist with no relief I began to accept that I would feel the same way forever.

I turned to Colleen for Bowen Therapy after she was recommended by a friend and I haven’t looked back.

After receiving 2-3 Bowen treatments, not only was I able to run long distances but for the first time in many years I was able to go to the gym 5 days a week.

I truly believe “Bowen Therapy is the single, most important hands-on healing technique in medicine.”

Holly F, Southbank, Melbourne      Dec, 2010

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Shoulder Pain:

Having suffered chronic pain in my shoulder for about 20 years and numerous visits to the doctors, I tried many other  forms of therapy without success. Instead of getting better the pain increased, going down the left hand side of my body to my heel.
I saw Colleen Anderson for Bowen Therapy and noticed a difference after the second treatment. She had  a lot of area to work on and did so systematically.
She has achieved considerable relief of my pain that no other therapy has achieved. The treatment was relaxing, pleasant and  without pain. It seemed to give me more energy  and a feeling of well being. I was last treated in January and have not needed to go back.
It has been a real success.
Joe Fitz, Belmont, Geelong.

Nov, 2010