Sports Injuries

Bowen8A wide variety of SPORTS INJURIES are regularly treated very successfully with BOWTECH, the original Bowen Therapy Technique at Belmont Remedial Clinic.

Sports men and women are treated for conditions such as:

Tight or injured hamstrings,

Achilles Tendinitis,

Burning Heel,

Ankle problems,     Injury

Groin strain,

Muscle spasms,


Adrenal exhaustion,

Shin splints,

Heel spurs,

Leg cramps,

Plantar fasciitis,

Tennis elbow,

Golfer’s elbow,

Jumper’s knee,

Soleus issues,

Severs disease,


Osgood-Schlatters diseaseReception Bowen therapy Geelong


As well as a hands-on Bowen treatment, a

session may include:  muscle testing,  home and

work management tips,  strapping (or strapping

advice),  stretching and/or strengthening  

exercises to learn and take away,  and diet and

lifestyle recommendations.

Each Bowen treatment is structured to the

individual and is approximately one hour in duration.