An increasing number of women are visiting the Belmont Remedial Clinic for Bowen Therapy during and post pregnancy  presenting with varying degrees of pain and discomfort  and find the treatment to be a great help.

Bowen therapy can assist with:

  •   lower back and pelvic pain
  •   osteitis pubis
  •   fluid retention                                                                     pregnancy 1
  •   tight and aching inner thigh muscles
  •   nausea
  •   anxiety
  •   post natal depression
  •   High Blood Pressure
  •   Headaches
  •   Sleep problems
  •   Restless Leg Syndrome
  •   Sore/Uncomfortable Intercostal Muscles
  •   Diaphragm Discomfort
  •   Heartburn, Constipation and other Digestive problems
  •   Dysponea (difficulty breathing) during later stages of pregnancy
  •   Nasal Stuffiness

Babies and Toddlers

 Once the baby has been born, Bowen Therapy can be beneficial for:                       
  •  colic
  • projectile vomiting
  • feeding problems
  • asthma symptoms
  • unsettled or stressed babies
  • bedwetting

The clinic is equipped with special support cushions (donut cushions) for pregnant ladies and other clients requiring extra body support.