Babies and Children

 Children are treated with Bowen Therapy at Belmont Remedial Clinic for a variety of complaints and conditions, including:

– stress/ anxiety/ depression/ grief,Col n baby

– sleep issues,

– muscle pain, spasms or weakness,

– glandular fever,

– low immunity,

– ankle and foot problems,

– poor concentration or memory,

– Tonsilitis,

– asthma/ hayfever/ sinus problems.

As a general rule, I find that babies and children respond very quickly to Bowen Therapy, often more quickly than adults. Quite often, and to the great surprise of their parents, they lie very still for their treatment and enjoy the whole experience. It’s also not unusual for children who come back for a second treatment to say something like, “Make me better again Colleen.”

Children with ADD, ADHD, auditory processing disorders, Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome generally respond very positively to Bowen Therapy. They tend to improve in areas such as:

feeling happier,  experiencing much less anxiety,  displaying positive behavioral changes, sleeping better,  having heightened concentration levels,  showing improvement in memory and clarity of thought,  displaying more love and affection,  and experiencing less pain and discomfort in the body (particularly in the neck and shoulders, the back the legs and the feet).

These children often have retained active primitive reflexes such as the Spinal Galant Reflex, the Moro Reflex and the asymmetrical tonic neck reflex. If these early primitive reflexes remain active, the neural structures of the higher brain centres cannot fully develop.

If the autonomic (involuntary) nervous system is dominant over the somatic (voluntary) nervous system, we find it difficult to access our prefrontal cortex, the higher centre of the brain where we process and analyse information. Therefore we tend to stay constantly in fight and flight mode (survival and stress mode). As a child grows up the unintegrated reflexes trigger the fight/flight response whether there’s a logical reason for the stress or not, so, this becomes the usual pattern of responding, particularly to unexpected stimuli, even into adulthood. Therefore, it can be harder for these children to enjoy life, to interact easily with others, to adequately interpret social cues and nuances, to give and receive love, etc.

Bowen Therapy moves, administered in a particular sequence, activate propriorecepters at multiple tissue levels, creating an energetic rearrangement of the central and peripheral nervous systems, regulating the autonomic nervous system and hence encouraging the neural pathway to the prefrontal cortex. What’s actually happening, is those retained primitive reflexes begin to be integrated allowing for the development of more complex and refined reflexes.



Because Bowen Therapy is such a gentle soft tissue therapy many mums and dads bring their babies (even as young as a few days old) along to our clinic for treatments for a whole range of conditions or concerns, such as:  Bowen is Safe For Babies and Children. 

– feeding problems,

– sleep issues,

– teething pain,

– constipation/ diarrhea,

– unsettled/ distressed,

– gastric reflux


Bowen Therapy for babies focuses primarily around the posterior and anterior thoracic region because it is the centre of  gravity in the baby, and because of the whole body response to the moves  in this region. Extra procedures to other parts of a baby’s body are added as and when appropriate, within the baby’s comfort level to further address specific problems or conditions.